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The AMA Joy in Medicine™ Health System Recognition Program is designed to guide organizations interested or already engaged in improving physician satisfaction and reducing burnout.

JiM Roadmap CoverProvide a roadmap for health system leaders interested in implementing programs and policies that actively support well-being.

JiM Roadmap CoverUnite the health care community in building a culture committed to increasing joy in medicine for the profession nationwide.

JiM Roadmap CoverBuild awareness of solutions that promote joy in medicine and spur investment within health systems to reduce physician burnout.

Let the AMA Health System Program assist your journey to become a Joy in Medicine™ recognized organization.

One quarter of the 2023 Joy in Medicine Recognized Organizations partner with the AMA Health System Program.

Celebrate the 2023 recognized Joy in Medicine organization

Our resources and support offerings include:

  • Effective measurement and benchmarking of burnout levels
  • Strategy buildout and intervention support—we conduct and provide both
  • Convening experts and knowledge partners
  • Accurate reassessment to evaluate progress