AMA UME Program - American Medical Association
AMA UME Resource Program - American Medical Association

Online education plus real-life experience

Ease the burden of integrating emerging topics and enhancing support for your students

What We Deliver

Health systems science
Leadership, development & opportunities
EHR workflow learning series
Health equity
Navigating practice learning series
Research and study guides

Prepare students for transitions

The AMA UME Curricular Enrichment Program is a series of online educational modules to help medical schools more effectively innovate and modernize their topic areas, with engaging content developed by experts in medical education.

  • Expert vetted modules and content

    Health system science
    EHR courses
    Leadership development
    Health equity
  • Engaging delivery with best-in-practice e-learning designs

    Relevant scenarios
    Knowledge checks
    Interactive navigation features
  • Ease faculty and administrator burdens while helping students thrive

    Customize topic areas to fit your needs
    Auto-reminders keep students on pace
    Easily track progress
    Anytime-anywhere learning to reduce student friction

Help students stand out by differentiating themselves

  • Leadership

    AMA Medical Student Section: Participate in policymaking on topics important to today’s students, e.g., gun violence, DEI, climate change, and more
    Over 200 leadership positions available via councils, committees, etc.
  • AMA Research Challenge

    Showcase and present at this preeminent event ($10,000 grand prize!)
    Exposure to top research projects
    Training on how to present effectively and stand out
    Hear from experts on what judges look for and how to get published
    Hands-on experience
    AMA Medical Student Advocacy Conference: Leadership training, in-person meetings and participation with legislators in D.C.
    Community outreach programs via local AMA medical school chapter

Enhance support and wellness

  • Academic support: Free USMLE prep resources

    Resources for Faculty and Students that promote well-being and a positive learning environment

    Exclusive savings and resources designed to enhance personal and professional life

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